Recommendations Altcoin & Cryptocurrency To Mined in Cloud Mining Services

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Bitcoin success as a decentralized digital currency has inspired the creation of a variety of other cryptocurrency, which are collectively referred to as altcoins. Not only that, the system Bitcoin has become the benchmark of any standard that underlies all these altcoin. Of the approximately 200 altcoins the currently outstanding, I will discuss the most popular and potentially even become a competitor Bitcoin. What are the altcoin and cryptocurrency?

Recommendations Altcoin and Best Cryptocurrency

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For lovers of virtual currency that are confused to choose the best virtual currency to be mined / in mining and mining through cloud services, follows below I have recommended altcoin and some of the best cryptocurrency that would potentially compete with bitcoin both in terms of price and popularity.
Recommendations Cryptocurrency / Virtual Currency and Altcoin Best For Mined 

Cryptocurrency or virtual currency is an invention of the internet. Basically, someone out there thinking, "What if we can create a system in which money is not bound by geographic location, such as the Internet" and behold now we have more than 3000 virtual currency.

Not all virtual currency created for the same purpose. Some of the amazing features like blockchain underlying technology creators to create the virtual currency. Partly also created "just because" or as a joke. But basically if the currency is wanted to be worthwhile it is to be used by many people, in this case the currency must be received by many people.

As with any other asset (stock or property), the price of this money could go up and down quickly so that we can invest to make a profit but also can be risky. Here is a list of the best virtual currency to be mined that would potentially compete with the price of bitcoin.
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 Cryptocurrency and Altcoin Best For Mined

1. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Mining sites Cash / BCC
BCC is an alternative currency (or altcoin) supported by a group of developers, who comes from the fork of the Bitcoin software available today, Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is present on August 1, 2017.  Learn more sites  Mining Bitcoin Cash / BCC

2. Litecoin

Mining sites litecoin / LTC
LTC labeled currency is one of the "copycat" first Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is the "gold" of crypto currency, litecoin are "silver" him. Launched in 2011 by former Google engineer Charlie Lee, litecoin have the same characteristics as the currency Bitcoin crypto; decentralized and unregulated circulation of authority. In addition, the new litecoin can be obtained in the same manner to obtain a new Bitcoin, through the process of mining or mining.  More sites  Mining litecoin / LTC

3. Ethereum

Mining sites Ethereum / ETH
Ethereum has a uniqueness that makes it different from other altcoin. Basically, the currency bearing the ETH is the software platform that can be activated via the coding itself and blockchain system by its developers. "Processing power" of the software developer's creation was then sold and paid for with ether, or currency like Bitcoin. More sites  Mining Ethereum / ETH 

 4. Dash

Mining sites Ethereum Dash
Dash is actually an extension of Bitcoin. Appearance stems from a desire to correct some developers Bitcoin digital currency shortage, especially in terms of anonymity and speed of transactions. That effort ultimately led to the creation of a new crypto currency that is still based on Bitcoin software, the Dash.  More sites  Mining Dash

5. Monero

Mining sites Monero
Bitcoin currency is often misinterpreted as 'anonymous'. However Monero is the virtual currency that is more focused on privacy, so monero more secure and can not be tracked.

He is currently on posisikeempat with $ 138 million in the market, Monero widely used by individuals who want to remain anonymous on the web.  More sites  Mining Monero

6. Doge

Mining sites dogecoin
Released in 2009, the age is actually not far adrift dogecoin of Bitcoin. Only, this crypto currency since the beginning has been conceptualized for user-friendly, both in terms of use, mining, as well as price class. So although dogecoin touted has boomed, capitalization remains the lowest among other altcoin, which is about 25 million dollars. More sites  Mining dogecoin

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